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A piece of me

'I gave away a piece of myself today and I didn't mind.

I gave away a piece of myself today and the feelings were reciprocal.

I gave away a piece of myself today and my offering was received with thanksgiving.

As I lay my body down to worship, I purged myself of sin.

I was pure. I was a virgin.

I was a god

I danced with my demons and my hips swayed to the beat in my head. My throat dry and my eyes weary. I was nervous but I was ready.

The war of chemicals  inside me . Torn between two worlds. Lost between who I was and who I wanted to be.

Dress me up in your flattery words and let me wear my gown of sin. This bittersweet sensation. This taboo.

Let my body be worthy . Let my body know the hands,

Who receive. May they feel every ache and heal. May they feel every void and fill.

May they shake and tremble at the scars on my soul,

and kiss them with sweet lips and warm tears

May the scars crave you.....crave you so much you'll attach the feelings with infatuation with a hint of love.

May you know what it is like to feel wanted purely out of lust and not tainted love.

Fall to floor slowly and take in the moment. The emotions mixed but the intent honest. Hold me in your arms one more time before the clock strikes midnight.

I was a god. I turned mortal and knew I could validate my pain and my woes in this state.  Now I turn to a god again. But I leave a piece of my mortality to a man a barely even know.

I gave away a piece of myself today.

And I don't mind.'

Poem by Tinotenda Ndoro

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