You raise from the ashes like the phoenix

New and reborn each morning

Stretching your infinite hands of wonder which know no work in the field than they do of an honest job.

The sun bounces off your skin but your melanin absorbs its rays like the attention you so deeply crave,

Shake the hair of another which only hinders your beauty but you won't know because daddy didn't tell you he loved you enough and mommy always like her men fair skinned,

You rub your eyes to try remove the sleep but can’t  because everything you see is in black and white anyway,

Pretty lady where is your joy?

Its faded like the colors she said,

She wakes in the morning to look beside her and sees she has slain another beast,

No swords or armour used but only hypnotic dances and the killer dress she had on last night.

Insecurities mixed with over priced drinks always made her vomit regret the next morning.

Silently ,she slips out of bed and takes what's hers , kissing her prince who smelt of overdue bills and corny pick up lines

to make her way back to her castle.

The city streets were still asleep as she makes on home.

Her walk of shame didn't bother her anymore because people would  judge her anyway.

The gravel on the pavement hurt her feet but reminds her she is  human and it was okay to feel.

She came home to an empty apartment and instead of sleep on her bed, covered in glitter and soot ,

She stepped out to the fire escape and while eating an apple and wondered if Eve knew all along what she was doing and didn't get tricked by the snake.

If she purposely sinned to save Adam because she knew the fall of men would be a life of misery but the fall of women would one day be acceptable.

As she sat by the ledge she could still count the stars still in the morning sky.

Thank god they don't judge us for what we do  under them.

Poem by Tinotenda Ndoro

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