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Read again, again

    Reading books is a much extended practice, but what about re-reading them?   As art goes, almost all of its forms can be, and tend to be, re-experienced by their audience. Movies are watched more than once, songs are replayed, monuments are revisited… but in all fairness and respect to […]

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A piece of me

‘I gave away a piece of myself today and I didn’t mind. I gave away a piece of myself today and the feelings were reciprocal. I gave away a piece of myself today and my offering was received with thanksgiving. As I lay my body down to worship, I purged […]

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Creative Writes

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The return of Guillermo Del Toro

I remember watching the trailer of Guillermo Del Toro´s The Shape of Water for the first time in awe. The Hellboy childhood fan within me could not stop bouncing around in excitement about getting an unexpected prequel focused on the origins of Abraham Sapiens’ character. When the movie premiered, it turned out to be […]



 The fact that I have come to write this review brings me much more pain than pleasure, because I used to love the BBC Two crime drama Peaky Blinders. It had a brilliant cast for multi-faced and many-layered main characters, a fresh setting in the interwar period that allowed this gangster […]

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Unrealistic realism

Not long ago I was re-watching Guardians of the Galaxy with a bunch of friends. There is a scene where, during a prison break, one of the characters disables the gravity generators of the space station where they are being imprisoned while being able to keep it working in the […]



It is 1963. The countdown starts; steady, sure, rhythmical. The floodlights go out for a full thirty seconds. It is dark, and it is thrilling. I am holding my breath. The floodlights come back on, and the air carries our triumph and our tears. The Union Jack is down. Our […]



You raise from the ashes like the phoenix New and reborn each morning Stretching your infinite hands of wonder which know no work in the field than they do of an honest job. The sun bounces off your skin but your melanin absorbs its rays like the attention you so […]

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Art hurts?

    Art and entertainment are often mistaken by the same thing, but the actual gap between them could not be more abysmal. Entertainment is meant to calm and numb the human mind; take it to a cozy place when it is bored or exhausted. Art, on the other hand, hurts, […]

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The Bohemian Artist

  There is absolutely no denying that well-known artists in the past have been known for having tumultuous lives; Mozart was a miserable wino until the day he died because he never managed to make his father proud of him, Zdzisław Beksiński lived a long terrorized by nightmares that he […]